Dr Ati recently onboard a new patient in our trial App.
Mrs. Maryam. A is a 70 years old, femail with a history of Osteoporosis, and Hyperlipidemia on Atorvastatin and Bisphosphonate. She had a one-year history of palpitation despite consulting her GP in London several times. Mrs. Maryam was not diagnosed with any heart disease but was referred for Holter monitoring due to irregularity which was diagnosed on her ECG. On July 2022, She went to Italy for a trip with her husband and got COVID-19 in the first week. She complained of light headaches, general fatigue, and a little cough.
She was visited by doctors in Italy who had no indication of her medical history, so only Paracetamol and resting were advised. After 10 days her Covid PCR test became negative without any complications. 2 weeks later, after a few days of experiencing severe headaches & vertigo, palpitation & dyspnea, she was found collapsed complaining of weakness in her left arm and leg. She was admitted to the hospital, and her brain Ct scan & ECG revealed CVA (due to a large clot ) and Atrial Fibrillation. Fortunately, the antiplatelet drug was started at the golden time and she almost completely recovered.

What was the problem with her diagnosis?
There was no Artificial Intelligence(AI) algorithm that associated Heart irregularity (for example AF ) with a higher risk of COVID-19-induced clot.
COVID-19 and Blood Clots | Harvard Medical School
Coronavirus and Blood Clots: Risks, Complications, Prevention (healthline.com)

With the MarvsAI Healthscanner web app, it was possible to give notifications to the medical team about a patient‘s past medical history, in this case, MarvsAI could give notification about her irregularity on ECG and it would be useful for her care during COVID-19. Mrs Maryam A is now participating in MarvsAI App trial.

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