We offer a range of tools for clinics that automate tasks, effectively saving doctors and the medical teams 3 hours per day.*

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Our Solutions :

  • Improved clinical decision-making
  • Automated presise medical note taking
  • Seamlessly assist patients with their Q&A needs
  • Advanced, hallucination-free AI-ssistant better than ChatGPT
  • Streamline clinician data entry processesing
  • Enhanced accuracy and relevance
  • Data security and privacy
  • Flexible deployment options: On-premise or cloud installation
  • Easy integration with medications databases
  • Customizable for specific clinics & hospitals

Combine AI insights with real-time consultation for optimal healthcare outcomes

MarvsAI is an innovative provider of health technology solutions. We are dedicated to helping individuals take control of their health & live their best lives.

All your Electronic Medical Records(EMR) in one place

Combining records from current & past clinics

Share & scan your health records safely and securely

Scan & Share your medical records worldwide

Platform Independent - patient engagement

Take your medications every day and follow the prescribed dosage.
Actively participate in making well-informed decisions regarding your health.

AI review based on patient recent evaluations

Get AI-assisted second opinion .
Benefit from AI question & answer and Dr. chatbot which allow you to easily ask questions using your voice.
Submit new symptoms and request AI assistance 24/7.

Take your DR and health records with you securely wherever you go

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