The Healthcare Issues In Third Developing Countries:

Good Health Care is important for many reasons, longer living for one. However, most people who live in third-world countries, have little to no access to such benefits. They are struggling with health problems that would be easily preventable if the basic infrastructure of these countries were improved. One of the most important problems is the lack of categorized & classified medical records for each patient. Therefore patients and medical teams face difficulty moving to have to take redundant duplicate tests, especially when visiting a new clinic, it is inconvenient to carry from clinic to clinic, particularly between cities. So, we decided to design an App to store the data in a decentralized manner.

MarvsAI is an AI-based company founded by doctors and engineers for patients and doctors. By scanning users ‘ records via the MarvsAI app, the patient‘s records will be available in an easy-to-search manner. Even though the patients do not have access to an advanced smartphone, via AI the quality of scanned data will be increased, so low-income patients do not have any worries about buying new phones. Consequently, health organizations can save time & money with easier centralized management, and complete patients review faster. On the other hand, one of the biggest benefits of using mobile healthcare apps is the power to track and monitor your health every day. By leveraging powerful healthcare apps in wearables, patients and doctors can record blood pressure, glucose level, weight, cholesterol level, etc.
Furthermore, due to the fact that nowadays doctors are extremely busy, making mistakes is inevitable based on inconclusive data, especially if patients complete some investigation in other countries. Using this healthcare app, doctors can accurately diagnose and manage patients' problems. In addition, it lets doctors around the world securely share patients' data, and communicate with each other.

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